Multi-Dimensional Separations
A site dedicated to multi-dimensional separations with an emphasis on the liquid phase.

Crossing Point Calculator

Adjust the numbers in the field to determine the crossing point for your data

Input Output
dp1(?m): ||| Crossover time:
dp2(?m): ||| Crossover plate height:
van Deemter Coefficients ||| Crossover plate count:
A: ||| Column length (1):
B: ||| Column length (2):
C: ||| N (K-S):
Column Properties ||| % Loss in N relative to K-S:
Flow resistance parameter (Φ): ||| ue1 (cm/s):
Intraparticle porosity (εi): ||| ue2 (cm/s):
Interstitial porosity (εe): ||| Reduced velocity (1):
Internal diameter (mm) ||| Reduced velocity (2):
Conditions ||| Flow rate (1) (mL/min):
Maximum pressure (bar) ||| Flow rate (2) (mL/min):
Mobile phase composition ||| Viscosity:
Temperature (?C) ||| Diffusion coefficient:
Column diameter (mm) ||| εT:
Solute Molecular Weight (g/mol) ||| λ:
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