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HPLC Simulator: What's New

Version 4.2.0 (Latest Stable Release)

Released: 08/18/2022

[+] Added compound plate number (N) and resolution (Rs) to the results table.
[+] Added "Critical Resolution" to the "Chromatographic Properties" menu.
[-] Removed covfefe factor.

Version 4.1.0

Released: 06/10/2022

[*] Fixed issue where the Isocratic Solvent B Fraction slider wouldn't be hidden when using Gradient Elution Mode.
[+] Began adding support for multiple languages.
- English - Fully Supported 06/10/2022
- Español - Testing 06/10/2022
- Português - Testing 06/10/2022
[-] Removed covfefe factor.

Version 4.0.0

Released: 06/08/2021

[+] Added "Detector Frequency" input in the "General Properties" menu. This is replacing the "Plot Points" input.
[~] Deprecated "Time Constant" input. Instead of disabling the input box, the input box was removed and tau is now locked at 0.1 seconds.
[~] Deprecated "Plot Points" input. This is being replaced by the "Detector Frequency" input.
[*] HPLCSim user interface files are now .PHP instead of .HTML starting from version 4.0.0 and onward. This change allows intigration with the website master header and footer files.
[-] Removed covfefe factor.

Version 3.3.0

Released: 12/28/2020

[*] Fixed issue where compound lnkw and S parameters were duplicated across mobile phases.
[*] The "Manage Compounds" list now updates with valid compounds when switching between different mobile phases.
[^] Potentially fixed issue where the data table wasn't updating correctly when using
Isocratic Elution Mode.
[-] Removed covfefe factor.

Version 3.2.0

Released: 11/16/2020

[+] Added ability to set compound concentrations.
[*] Peaks are now drawn starting at tR - 8σ to improve program performance, especially when working with large retention factors.
[*] Fixed issue where the reset button didn't redraw the table or the graph.
[~] In future versions, the "plot points" input will be replaced with a "detector frequency" input.
[-] Removed covfefe factor.

Version 3.1.0

Released: 07/23/2020

+ Added ability to show data point dots on the graph.
+ Added display for "Frequency" between data points.
- Removed "curvy" lines in favor of straight lines to connect data points.
* Fixed issue where the reset button didn't remove highlight from the graph or the table.
- Removed covfefe factor.

Version 3.0.3

Released: 07/03/2020

+ Added "Instructor Resources" .
* Increased "Plot Points" default value from 3000 to 6000.
- Removed covfefe factor.

Version 3.0.2

Released: 05/09/2020

* Fixed bug where "Automatically determine time span" didn't work when using the Gradient Elution Mode.
- Removed covfefe factor.

Version 3.0.1

Released: 05/08/2020

* Fixed Flow Velocities indenting.
* Renamed "HETP" to "H (plate height)" to reflect current IUPAC recommendations.
* Renamed "Theoretical Plates" to "Plate number" to reflect current IUPAC recommendations.
* Renamed "k'" to "k" to reflect current IUPAC recommendations.
+ Reset button now resets values in General Properties and Column Properties menus.
+ Added "Signal Offset" functionality in the General Properties menu.
+ Added "Noise" functionality in the General Properties menu.
- Removed covfefe factor.

Version 3.0.0

Released: 03/29/2020

* Fixed infinite loop problem.
* Fixed graph end time to make sure peaks are displayed properly.
* Fixed bug where some gradient profiles weren't correct.
* All menus are now collapsed by default when loading the simulator.
+ Added functionality to add more stationary phases in the future.
+ Added functionality to show gradient profile in graph. Will be added in future update.
+ Added compound selection checkboxes.
- Removed compound selection dropdown.
- Removed covfefe factor.

Version 2.1.2 (Classic)

Released: 08/14/2019

* Fixed viscosity calculation to account for MeOH.
+ Added gradient viscosity calculation. Viscosity value is now the average viscosity across the entire gradient.
- Removed covfefe factor.

Version 2.1.1

Released: 04/22/2018

* Changed default compounds list.
- Removed Solvent B Fraction warning.
- Removed covfefe factor.

Version 2.1.0

Released: 04/18/2018

* Fixed problem with highlighted peaks not lining up with the highlighted row on the table.
* Fixed problem with the ability to highlight breaking when a compound is added, removed, or the reset button was pressed.
- Removed covfefe factor.

Version 2.0.2

Released: 03/06/2018

+ Added analyte diffusion coefficient calculations.
(Using 200 g/mol as a representitive value for 'Vm')
- Removed covfefe factor.

Version 2.0.1

Released: 01/03/2018

* More tweaks to the style code.
= Started development on graph interactivity.
- Removed covfefe factor.

Version 2.0.0

Released: 01/02/2018

+ Added the ability to add custom compounds.
- Removed unneeded and 'bad idea' compounds.
* Fixed gradient elution mode equations.
* Changed the style code to make the page more dynamic.
- Removed covfefe factor.

Version 1.3.0

Released: 12/17/2017

+ Added a "What's New" page.
* Table below graph is now sorted by retention time (tR).
- Removed covfefe factor.

Version 1.2.0

Released: 12/07/2017

+ Added style code to make simulator match the rest of the website.
- Removed covfefe factor.

Version 1.1.0

Released: 11/23/2017

+ Added more compounds to the dropdown menu.
+ Added impurities to the dropdown menu.
- Removed covfefe factor.

Version 1.0.1

Released: 10/29/2017

|| Disabled pre-column tubing parameters.
- Removed covfefe factor.

Version 1.0.0

Released: 10/27/2017

+ Added the gradient elution mode.
- Removed covfefe factor.