Multi-Dimensional Separations
A site dedicated to multi-dimensional separations with an emphasis on the liquid phase.

HPLC Simulator: About

Developed by Thomas J. Lauer and Dr. Dwight R. Stoll

This simulator started life as an Excel spreadsheet in 2008, with features iterated on by Peter Carr and Dwight Stoll. Then, when he was at the University of Minnesota, Paul Boswell built a Java application based on the original concept, and served that application through the website As it has became increasingly difficult to maintain Java applications over the years, in 2016 we decided to reformulate the original simulator into the version you see here, running in a web browser using only Javascript. In recent years, work on this simulator has been supported by the United States National Science Foundation (CHE-1508159), and the Dreyfus Foundation.

Explanation of Chromatographic Parameters and Their Calculation:

The concepts that form the foundation of the simulator were described in detail previously.

In this version we have made some changes, and will describe them here soon.

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