Multi-Dimensional Separations
A site dedicated to multi-dimensional separations with an emphasis on the liquid phase.


This page is an outcome of an informal survey I made of several HPLC experts in preparation for an article I wrote for LCGC Magazine in 2017. The intention here is to collect a number of (mostly free) resources that users of liquid chromatography find very useful in their work on HPLC. If you know of an resource that you think is particularly useful but not listed here, I'd be happy to know about it. Please feel free to email me with suggestions.
    ~ Dwight R. Stoll (updated October, 2017)

Resources, Broadly Defined Tutorials, Primers, and Guides Tools for LC Simulation and Calculation
  • HPLC Simulator ( - Dynamic simulator for exploring the effects of operating variables on reversed-phase separations - Developed at Gustavus Adolphus College
  • HPLC Simulator - More detailed simulator compared to hplcsim.html - Developed at U. Geneva
  • HPLC Teaching Assistant - Calculators to facilitate teaching and learning about HPLC concepts - Developed at U. Geneva
  • Calculator Apps for Parameter Estimation (e.g., pressure vs. flow rate)
  • Method Transfer Tools - Calculators for scaling to different particle sizes, movement between instruments, etc.
  • Buffer Wizard - Web-based application designed to assist with calculations needed for preparing buffers (free and paid versions available)
Wall Charts and Quick-Start Guides Tools for Column Selection and Characterization Tools for Molecular Properties
  • PQRI Website - Database of column parameters based on the Hydrophobic Subtraction (HS) model developed by Snyder, Dolan, and coworkers - maintained by United States Pharmacopoeia
  • - Database of column parameters based on HS model, presented in a different way compared to USP PQRI site, and with unique tools for visualization - maintained by Stoll Laboratory
  • Waters RP Column Selectivity Chart  - Tool for comparing selectivities of different RP chemistries, and columns from different vendors
  • ICOA Website - Classification tool for RP phases developed at Institut de Chimie Organique et Analytique
  • ChemSpider - Free chemical structure database providing access to millions of structures from hundreds of data sources. Enables predication of properties including pKa and log P using a number of different algorithms
  • NIST WebBook - Free access to physical and chemical property data compiled by U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)