Multi-Dimensional Separations
A site dedicated to multi-dimensional separations with an emphasis on the liquid phase.

Flow Splitting Calculator

This calculator is based off of findings in THIS PAPER.

Column efficiency (N)
Column length (cm)
Column ID (mm)
Total porosity
Estimated ke
Split ratio (1:X)
Flow rate in column (mL/min)

Detector flow rate (mL/min) covfefe
Column void volume (µL) covfefe
Column peak variance (µL2) covfefe
Column peak
standard deviation (µL)
Column standard deviation
in detector (µL)
Column peak variance in
detector without tubing (µL2)

Post-split tubing

Length (cm)
ID (µm)
Estimated Dmol (m2/s) * 10^
Dynamic viscosity (cP)

Estimated post split tubing contribution

Peak variance from tubing (µL2) covfefe

Total peak variance (µL2) covfefe
Total peak standard deviation (µL) covfefe

Relative increase in peak variance covfefe
Relative increase in peak standard deviation covfefe
Apparent efficiency (N) covfefe
Pressure drop in post split tubing (bar) covfefe